1 Month Smart TV Subscription

1 month subscription for Smart TV devices. 

For setup instructions please check the device SETUP GUIDE section.

MULTIROOM - This Sub allows 3 connections from the same IP address.*

Channel list includes:

  • UK CHANNELS: Entertainment|Documentary|Movies|Sports|Lifestyle|Music|News|Kids|Radio
    • AFRICAN CHANNELS: Sports|Comedy|Crime|Food|Discovery|History
    • ALBANIAN CHANNELS: Sports|Comedy|Crime|Food|Discovery|History
    • ARAB CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
    • BELGIAN CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
    • CANADIAN CHANNELS: Sports|Comedy|Crime|Food|Discovery|History
    • DANISH CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
    • DUTCH CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
    • EX-YU CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
      • FRENCH CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
      • GERMAN CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
      • HUNGARIAN CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
      • INDIAN CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|News
      • IRISH CHANNELS: Entertainment|Documentary|Movies|Sports|Lifestyle|Music|News|Kids
      • ITALIAN CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Entertainment|News
      • LATINO CHANNELS: Sports|Comedy|Crime|Food|Discovery|History
      • PAKISTAN CHANNELS: Food|Sport|Entertainment|Movies|News
      • POLISH CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
      • PORTUGUESE CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|Movies|News
      • ROMANIAN CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
      • SCANDINAVIAN CHANNELS: Food|Sports|Entertainment|News
      • SPANISH CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
      • SWEDEN CHANNELS: Sports|Comedy|Crime|Food|Discovery|History
          • US/CANADA CHANNELS: Entertainment|Documentary|Music|Movies|Sports|Kids|Live Events|Radio

          Sports Channels Include:
            • WORLD SPORTS: Various global sports networks

              VOD & SERIES INCLUDED:

              • Over 90K VOD content

              *Multiroom is not available when using an STB emulator as these apps work like MAG devices and can be assigned to only 1 MAC ID per subscription